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Crafting Top Grade Products with CNC Machining

Construction & Power Generation

If you’re looking for construction parts or power generation machinery, you’ve come to the right place. We offer products to construction equipment (CE) companies such as Caterpillars, JCB, Volvo, CNH, Manitou,THCM, BobCat, and much more. Plus, we produce Metal castings designed to fit your common power generation engines also.

Agriculture & Automotive

If you need replacement parts or add ons to all OEMs with Ductile and Gray Iron castings, AKP Ferrocast can be your most trusted supplier partner. We offer automotive parts in fully finished condition with CNC machining, painting, and assemblies. No matter what you’re looking for, AKP Ferrocast has you covered.

Compressors, Valves, & Locomotive

AKP Ferrocast has a long history of working with various valves, pumps, locomotive, and compressor manufacturers, meaning that we’re familiar with the different alloys used in the design and production of these parts. Our team produces quality valve and compressor castings for you so that you can create an end product that truly speaks quality.

#Ductile & Gray Iron Foundry#


Construction - Product 1
Asset 8150.png
Asset 4150.png
Asset 7150.png
Asset 3150.png
Asset 5150.png



Asset 29150.png
Asset 28150.png
Asset 26150.png
Asset 27150.png


Asset 31-Agriculture Products.png
Asset 33-Agriculture Products.png
Asset 36-Agriculture Products.png
Asset 34-Agriculture Products.png
Asset 35-Agriculture Products.png
Asset 32-Agriculture Products.png


Asset 39-Automotive Castings.png
Asset 41-Automotive Castings.png
Asset 43-Automotive Castings.png
Asset 40-Automotive Castings.png
Asset 42-Automotive Castings.png
Asset 38-Automotive Castings.png


Compressors (5).png
Compressors (6).png
Compressors (4).png
Compressors (1).png
Compressors (3).png
Compressors (2).png


Asset 64-Valve Castings.png
Asset 66-Valve Castings.png
Asset 63-Valve Castings.png
Asset 65-Valve Castings.png
Asset 68-Valve Castings.png
Asset 67-Valve Castings.png
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